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"I had taken great pride in my printing ability in the darkroom, but after seeing that first set of scans of...negatives from AutumnColor, I realized I was seeing much more in the digital version than I ever saw in the analog version or a paper print."

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Scanning and File Related Services

Scans are made on Optronics Color-Getter drum scanners with optical resolution up to 8000 dpi. The pulsed xenon light source and PMT light sensors yield exceptional shadow detail. Originals 11" x 14" and smaller are fluid mounted to minimize the effect of scratches, abrasions and dust. Sharpening is applied during color correction so that it can be adjusted to the requirements of each original. A calibration is applied to each digital file to eliminate the need for manual color correction for basic scan quality. No automatic dust or scratch filters are used. Dust and scratches are digitally removed by examining the digital file at high magnification and cloning out defects.

When doing your own digital color correction you will find these scans superior to those done on desktop flat-bed scanners. Negatives can be scanned as well as transparencies. Prints up to 11" x 14" can be scanned. Archiving is done to CD-ROM.

Through our own customized color calibration system and work flow, we utilize the same digital file to print with every process we offer. This means you can switch processes or papers, without sacrificing your investment in scanning, retouching and color correction.

The need for color correction is minimized by our color management system when scanning from transparencies, leading to lower cost and improved color. The scans are calibrated by our color management system to be faithful to the transparency. When ordering scanning services from AutumnColor, it is necessary to understand how to apply our scanner profile. To help you utilize the full potential of the ColorSync System you can download our document "How to Apply Scanner Profiles."

AutumnColor has applied a complete closed-loop color management system to all of our digital work. This closed loop concept can include you as the photographer or designer. This means that if you choose to do your own digital color correction we can help you calibrate your monitors and proofing printers to simulate the AutumnColor output of choice.

Complex color correction, addition of text, restoration and reconstruction is available at $125.00 per hour. Please call for quotations on multiple originals. By tailoring scan resolution to the particular job, considerable savings are often possible.

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