Luminage Digital Prints


"Mark's expert work results in superior prints that meet my standards and match what I had been accus-
tomed to producing in the darkroom. "

Ron Rosenstock

Luminage Direct Digital Color Prints

Luminage™ Direct-Digital Printing Process incorporates three new areas of technology:
  • Extended-life RA 4 printing papers
  • High-resolution RGB color laser exposure with the CSI LightJet 5900
  • Custom closed-loop color management
The result is a combination of color quality and accuracy, print longevity, resolution and cost that cannot be matched by any other process. The Luminage Direct-Digital Print is produced on a CSI LightJet 5900. The LightJet uses high resolution RGB lasers to expose RA 4 photographic print materials and offers the highest resolution color output currently available.

Imaging is "file direct," there is no need to produce a color negative or transparency before prints are made. The result is a savings in job costs, there are no additional charges for film recorder output. Production time is shortened by eliminating a film output step. Job quality is improved with greater sharpness, better color matching, and repeatable results for quantity printing or reorders.

We can make Luminage prints in any size up to 50" wide by any length with on either matte, glossy or Pearl surface. There are no standard sizes, so you can design the print in any aspect ratio.

Click here to watch our video on file setup for the Chromira Digital photo printer.

A benefit of the Luminage process is extended print life. We use Fuji Crystal Archive Digital Emulsion for our c-prints. This material has been rated by Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc. to a life expectancy of 60 years, before appreciable fading is noticed. This is rated as the one color photographic print material with the longest life on the market today.

Download the Wilhelm Display PDF.

Luminage Reprints and Prints from Digital Files
Please call for pricing.
8 x 10
11 x 14
16 x 20
20 x 24
24 x 32
24 x 36
32 x 40
40 x 50
49 x 50
48 x 60
48 x 72
48 x 84
48 x 96

Prices are for prints made from RGB digital files, either your own or those we have made for you previously. Color will accurately match that seen on a calibrated digital monitor. Scanning, retouching and color correction are extra. RGB digital files are assumed to be "pre-flighted", that is AutumnColor ICC printer profile applied, resolution, cropping, etc. are correct.

Pre-flighting a digital file is an additional 65 per megabyte.

Pricing is for "pre-flighted" files.
  • ADI printer profile applied.
  • File sized to 80 ppc or 120 ppc.
  • Saved as an IBM formatted Tiff with no compression.
  • Burn to CD formatted as ISO 9660.
  • File must have a 2 pixel stroked (a line for trimming).

Luminage Prints from Original Transparencies, Negatives or Prints
Please call for pricing.

Prices include drum scans, spotting (digital dust and scratch removal), proof, file archiving, and reference print stored at AutumnColor Digital Imaging, this service includes one 11"x14" print made incorporating your directions.

When additional prints are ordered the prices from digital files apply. We will customize our services, such as additional proofs or special digital work, to your needs. We will quote prices for your specific requirements. One option that many artists find attractive is to do a high resolution scan suitable for prints up to 50" x 50" although only small prints are required immediately. This leaves the flexibility to make larger prints at any time in the future without the need to re scan and color correct. Please call for a quote.

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