Mounting and laminating


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Mounting and Laminating

Flush Mounting:
The print is mounted right to the edge of the board.

Trap or Float Mounting:
The print is centered on a board larger than the print. or Weighting the print: When you float mount an image some folks like to have the bottom border a slightly larger size than the top and sides.

Museum Corner Mounting:
The typical museum mat is a backboard and a window over mat. The two boards are held together with a strip of archival tape along one edge, usually the top edge. The board itself is traditionally 4ply art rag board. The photo is mounted to the backboard and never the window board. We offer corner supports to hold the photo in place inside the mat; no adhesive is applied to the photo itself. This is the truly archival way of mounting your photo. The drawback is the photo is not adhered to a board so wrinkling or wavy-ness of the paper comes through.

We offer several mounting materials for you to choose from. Here is a brief description of the mounting boards we offer as options. Please keep in mind that mounting has an additional 3-5 days turn around time.

Art Board:
Art Board — also known as rag board — is an excellent board made of 100% cotton fibers and is a solid color throughout. All components of rag mat boards are completely acid-free and do not contain alum or lignin. Cotton is used to make the finest type of mat boards because it is the purest form of natural cellulose. It is available in 4-ply (or 1/16" thick). Available in black or white.

Foam Core:
Foam core is a lightweight board made of white polystyrene foam sandwiched between high-quality, white paperboard liner facings. Available in black or white and one thickness 1/2 inch. Black has a solid black core, wrapped in smooth, matte black paper.

Mighty Core:
This heavy-duty board is comparable to gator board. Gives added rigidity and durability and is moisture resistant. Its dense polystyrene core is an upgrade from regular foam board, with added durability to resist bending or crushing. Strong, lightweight and versatile, MightyCore is ideal for mounting photos. Available in white only and is 1/4" thick.

Gator Board:
Gator board is rigid polystyrene foam core laminated between two face veneers of resin-impregnated wood fiber. It is a good choice for mounting, where a light weight, strength, rigidity and warp resistance are needed. Many major museums have successfully used gator board to mount exhibitions for many years. Available in black or white and it is offered in two thicknesses 3/16 inch and 1/2 inch.

Sintra: (Plastic)
Sintra is lightweight PVC board. Sintra has a uniform, fine, closed-cell structure that provides a low gloss satin finished surface. They are highly rigid and impact resistant. Durable for interior and exterior applications with a very high aversion to corrosion & water absorption. They are self-extinguishing and flame resistant. Available in black or white and it is offered in two thicknesses - 3MM and 6MM.

Lamination involves applying one side of the photo a thin layer of plastic, which protects the photos finish as well as making it tougher. Encapsulation is the plastic sheets being applied to the front and the back of the photo to seal the edges. The photo is completely encased in sheets of plastic. We offer several thickness of lamination. 3 Mil, 6 Mil, and 10 Mil. Matte, Glossy or Luster surfaces. Please note: Lamination can only be done on glossy prints, so the entire surface of them lam comes in contact with the photo's surface. Lamination of a matte surface print results in an undesirable orange peel effect.

Wooden Cleats:
Cleats are 4 strips of 2" wood permanently adhered to the back of a mounted print. A fifth piece is cut at a bevel. This piece is screwed into the wall and the mounted piece hangs from this.

We can place grommets in the corners of an encapsulated print, which allows for hanging by ropes or nails.

Velcro strips are also available to be placed on the backs of prints for a less permanent hanging solution. We recommend you staple one of the Velcro strips to the wall where you are mounting the print. Stapling the Velcro to the wall allows for easier removal once you need to take the prints down. Then adhere the Velcro strip to the back of the print. By lining these up you can hang your print from the wall with minimal damage to the wall's surface.

All framing is done on a custom basis. Please speak with a customer service rep to discuss details and pricing. There is a 3-4 week turn around time on framing.

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