History of AutumnColor

"Mark's scans are quite different than what most labs provide. Most attempt to give you what they think you want....but Mark's approach is to give you as much as is possible from that negative."

Eric Meola


It all started with the joining of two companies: EverColor of El Dorado Hills, California and Photographic Arts, Inc. of Worcester, Massachusetts. Both companies were originally founded for the purpose of making fine art photographic prints of the highest quality. Photographic Arts, Inc., founded by landscape photographer John Wawrzonek, specialized in dye transfer printing for over fifteen years. EverColor was founded by William Nordstrom specifically to make archival pigment transfer prints. EverColor Fine Art was formed in the summer of 1996 in Worcester Massachusetts. When EverColor ceased operations in the summer of 1999, Mark Doyle, the once Digital Director of EverColor, decided to go into business for himself. Mark has many, many years of experience as a professional photographer. Combine this with his years of digital expertise working with and making prints for dozens of Fine Artists.

Mark was ready. So he started the fine art printing company called AutumnColor Digital Imaging. He acquired the entire digital and photographic archives of EverColor Fine Art. Mark's attitude was clear. He stated "My goal for AutumnColor Digital Imaging is to provide superior customer service, the highest quality archival digital prints, (known as Luminage) but with a more personal hands-on approach to my clients.

The company has come a long way from its early roots. Today, AutumnColor's focus is on the quality of the print and the realization of your artistic vision. We realize both take time and considerable dedication. AutumnColor is a fine art laboratory. Building communication between you and our lab is the heart of our process. Our emphasis is on those printing technologies that make exceptional quality prints combined with one of the highest quality, longest display life papers.

We welcome you to browse through the rest of our web site for more information. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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